No Room for Distractions

Her focus is solely on the birth.

For, her instincts whispered: “This one is mighty. It will rock the earth.

Now, be ready- One day is set for painful contractions.

You have no room for distractions.”

She trusted. And for 22 months and not one complaint-

Throughout the land, her peace is maintained.

Not all understand this drive to the extreme;

It’s a vision of love embedded deep- it’s more than a dream.

She is on a mission.

To bring what’s inside of her, to fruition.

By Sheyda Irani

We ARE Connected

I often hear we’re all connected; but how? I pondered this word connection from many angles and came up with a conclusion.

I believe we connect by touch. When I embrace my children, I’m physically telling them a story of how I feel. That I love them. And I’m here to be their everything. And I’m not going anywhere; they’re safe. Or when I hold a sick patient’s hand to comfort. Or pat the sober addict’s back for a job well done. Or witness two tree branches touch in an intimate way. Touch is needed to bind us when words aren’t expressed.

We connect through words- talking and laughing. The same tongue used to praise Our God is the same tongue used to communicate the desires, the hurts, the sufferings, the hopes of our heart. When two beings share in pain and suffering, the emotion evoked from empathy causes these two people to connect. This movement of compassion is powerful. So much so, bystanders who witness this connection, somehow feel involved.

And consider this- we need oxygen which is supplied by the trees and plants. And plants and trees need carbon dioxide which is supplied by our every exhale. Therefore, we’re also connected to others by our need for one another. Even a MENtor connects with MEN (mankind) MENtally because their need for one another is influential. What’s a leader without a team? Or a teacher without students? A pastor without sheep? A doctor without patients?

We ALL need one another. We’re interwoven into the same structure, by the same hands, at the same time. Surely, we are ALL Connected.

Connected, Bonded, and Linked with All Creations…

Are we all, really connected?  Yes, I’ve heard of the concept but, what does that really entail?  To be quite honest, I don’t feel connected to the racist skinhead who spews hatred, every chance they get.  I don’t feel connected to a pedophile who looks at children as sex symbols.  So, I had to dig deep and find what this really means.  And this is what I’ve concluded thus far.

All of God’s creations seem to have many characteristics that are alike.  Take for instance, the physical likeness of ROOTS.  Not the movie Roots, but the sprout out like roots, seen in plants and trees.  But, if we look at the circulatory system of the brain, heart and lungs, we’ll see they’re very similar.

Consider, all the amazing things that are in the shape of a circle; they all have a CORE.  For instance, travel up beyond the clouds, and see how similar the stars, sun, planets and black holes are to all living cells and its nucleus.

Take into account, the cochlea of the ear that’s uniquely shaped like the snail, a snake embryo and a particular type of seashell.  And of course, we can’t forget the kidneys. They’re shaped like a shrimp and just like the bean- kidney beans.

I always pondered what lies on the other side of a black hole.  Suddenly, this evening I thought, what if the other side is something like the optic nerve.  Amazingly, I find the black hole so similar to the pupil and iris.  For, the function of the optic nerve, is to transfer the images from the retina directly to the brain and back.  It’s mind-blowing to think about this possibility.  Since, one optic nerve has over a million of nerve fibers attached.  Can you imagine how much energy is behind the black hole?  Jaw-dropping!

So, my final analysis is this: obviously, all God’s creations are more similar than not. Which, proves that Yes; we’re connected in a divine way.  We’re linked in a way that surpasses our understanding.  That, I’m sure given the patience and wisdom, we could see that all of the answers to our problems- are found in each other.  That maybe, just maybe the ants and flies that get on our nerves, may be the answer to the common cold.  Every problem has a solution, right?  And maybe just maybe, behind every black hole is an optic nerve like structure.  Which is directly linked to a brain center……

Matthew 6:22, “The eye is the lamp of the body. If your eyes are healthy, your whole body will be full of light.” (NIV)

“The eyes are the window of the soul.”- English Proverb



The One Question We All Should Ask Ourselves:

Before I make any decision, I always ask myself this-

“Am I making this out of love or fear?” 

This one question has prevented me from being polluted by this world.

It causes me to evaluate my intentions.

It offers me a direct pathway to abundance.

It provides me with a deeper understanding of the contents, in my heart.

For, fear leaves me feeling powerless.

And love-WoW! What can I say about love?

For, love leaves me feeling kind, confident, satisfied, protected, devoted:

Indeed, I feel positive!

Love inspires me to be better and better and better….

I AM, what I accept


I received an “Ahh-Hah” moment, as Oprah Winfrey would put it, the day I was on the phone with the insurance company.  I was pregnant with my youngest and the doctor encouraged me to get an insulin pump.  While, holding for the agent, I visualized the pump pressed against my abdomen, just how I saw it on T.V.  I had a few questions I wrote down for the agent, like what should I do while swimming? And the shower?  I was filled with excitement as I anticipated a life without pricking my fingers and poking my stomach with needles.  I couldn’t wait.  After a minute or two, the agent buzzed back in, “Thanks for holding Sheyda”, he said.  Kindly, I replied, “Yes, of course.”  What happened next, played a pivotal role in the way I viewed adversity.

I noticed the tone of the agent’s voice changed to disappointment, as he said, “Well, with insurance ma’am, the pump will cost five thousand dollars.”  He sighed.  First, I was shocked; then troubled.  And suddenly, I was outraged.  Money was holding me back, yet again, of living a life of ease and progress.  I blamed the insurance company for being crooked thieves.  Why was I paying three hundred forty-seven dollars a month, and where was it going?  I informed the agent that I couldn’t afford the pump, and hung up with bitterness.  Afterwards, I sat at my desk, feeling like “woe is me.”  I felt helpless.  But, I knew I was a warm-hearted woman who loved the Lord, and sowed many good seeds.  I prayed for calmness in my heart, mainly for the baby inside me.  Then, I asked myself this- would God desire for me to be without an insulin pump?  No, of course not.  Then, I began thinking, all the things I settled to be without.  Dental care for all of us had been obsolete.  Foundation issues in our house was deemed unsafe.  My son wanted to play baseball and my daughter wanted to dance.  I always wanted to eat organic fruits and vegetables, but just couldn’t.  Something, had to change.

I just knew, I had to evaluate myself because God is not poor and HE is the main source that supplies abundance; so, something wasn’t right.  Initially, my frustration came in part of the pump’s expense, not the diabetes.  I had accepted a diagnosis given to me by doctors.  And once I accepted diabetes as something I had to carry for life; I then owned everything about it.  Indeed, it was mine, all mine.  This included the expectation of all the limitations this disease carries, even the horrifying prognosis of amputations, blindness, failed kidneys- and yes, even death.  I am, what I accept!  So, basically speaking- I am an insulin-dependent diabetic because I accepted that I am, an insulin-dependent diabetic.

Moreover, I figured out that it’s not God withholding a life of freedom from me; it’s me.  I had forgotten about Matthew 8:17, ‘This was to fulfill what was spoken through the prophet Isaiah: “He took up our infirmities and bore our diseases.”  Thankfully, I don’t have to accept this disease because Jesus already paid the price.  I am free and no longer held captive by my limited beliefs.  I have acquired enough faith to receive the mighty blessing of healing.  In addition, to this faith, I need works.  Because, it says in James 2:17, “In the same way, faith by itself, if it is not accompanied by action, is dead.”  Healing will require my participation, meaning- a total life-change.  I was reminded of a quote from the famous Albert Einstein, who once said, “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”  Once, I change my eating habits in ways that’ll honor my body and God, I won’t have to take insulin anymore.  Amazingly, once I released the lies I acquired through life experiences and old beliefs, something inside me started to shift.

Truly, our experiences along the way are meant to guide us, into our destiny.  But how can we go further along our journey if we’re shackled, and there’s a veil covering the heart?  This veil has a power so strong that it will hide the spiritual truth of God’s sovereignty and HIS love for us.  It’s now time to remove the veil.  So, let us be humble and seek the Lord through our helplessness.  God will come to us, exactly where we are.  HE understands all and knows we’re confined by our infirmities.  Thankfully, through grace and mercy, we all have straight access to HIS throne; which provides a clear pathway to God and nothing is stopping us.  For, there’s no job, no addiction, no physical and mental limitations, no financial burdens can stop us.  Let’s take advantage of this opportunity given at this very moment- and be free.  It starts NOW!