We all possess qualities, talents and gifts created uniquely for each of us.  But, how will we know if it’s buried in a treasure of lies, told by the enemy?  It’s all about pulling away the layers; ultimately, exposing who we really are.  And it’s found in our core.  Whatever it is, that you so need and want in your lifetime, first thing is first- “But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.”  Matthew 6:33.  It’s through HIS precious Holy Spirit that fills our vessel with God’s power.  Consider, the one pound newborn who fights to live, like a warrior; or the vulnerable woman who fights an intruder like Muhammad Ali; or the child who had the wisdom to sing a gospel song while being kidnapped; or the woman who stumbles into the emergency room after being raped.  Surely, this power is available to all of us: in which, it begins with an open-mind to access faith, hope and love.

Igniting the Lioness Within

I discovered that once I acknowledged the pain embedded inside and applied God’s Word to the wound- that’s when healing finally took place.  It’s like applying antibiotic ointment to a scrape and leaving it open to air dry in Heaven.  Our healing requires a total restructuring of the heart and a will to recover.  My greatest hope is that you receive empowerment to empower your tribe.  The power to transform, first lies within the will to love Our Creator, ourselves and our offspring; unconditionally.  Moreover, if you’re one that enjoys traveling, then you’ll appreciate the journey of discovering your lioness within.  It involves exploring the deep dark places within our soul, and bringing them forth to the surface; giving us a clear view.  Surely, you mimic the lioness.  A natural born nurturer, caretaker, protector, provider and teacher.  It’s your intuitive nature that allows you to move by divine timing.  You know when to step back, lay low, camouflage with your surroundings, move forward and take a leap of faith.  You have no fear when it comes to overcoming obstacles, because you know you’re a powerful creature who is destined for abundance.  As you go through the jungle of this life by yourself or with your cubs; seeking God in every step will only make you a powerhouse!

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